Progress Visualizer will be shut down on or around 2/1/2017.

I have not been maintaining the app for several years and there are now powerful paid alternatives like Corrello.

  • I will make the code public via github.
  • You can export your data via the board setup in your profile.
  • Use the comment form for any feedback.

Thank you - Ken J.

About ProgressVisualizer

Quickly setup visual reporting for your Trello boards.

Trello offers simplicity and openness. It doesn't impose unnecessary assumptions. It offers an API that lets you interact with your data and webhooks which allow you to do so in near real time. I've tried to follow Trello's lead and make ProgressVisualizer just as easy.

Available Visualizations

I wrote ProgressVisualizer to make my team's work visible to our dev, product and executive sponsors. This includes:

Simple Setup

ProgressVisualizer only assumes that:

  1. you organize work in cards on a Trello Board, and
  2. you organize those cards into lists representing to do's and done work.

With that, you have all the data required for the charts and reports provided by ProgressVisualizer.

Optional Tracking Features


That said, ProgressVisualizer will be more helpful if you work in fixed regular iterations (one, two, three or four weeks) and archive or otherwise move cards out of your done list(s) at the end of those iterations.


If you estimate work using the Scrum for Trello convention – numbers in parentheses in front of the titles of your cards – ProgressVisualizer will report those estimates on the burn up, long term trend chart and the done work table.

Classification of work

If you classify work using Trello labels, these types of work can be broken out on the yesterday's weather stacked bar chart and the done work table. For example, my team distinguishes between work planned for the week, inserted into the backlog mid-iteration, or pulled in to fill slack.


I will contiue to work on ProgressVisualizer. I track my backlog in Trello. So, I hope you are able to use ProgressVisualizer no matter how you use Trello. Someday, I may provide visualizations for other services as well.

Please contact me if you have suggestions, complaints, or problems using ProgressVisualizer.

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Best wishes, – Ken